By ScarletMarine:

My Little Starship Troopers - Episode 1: Fall From Valor

Rodger Young, Corvette-class transport- 04:01:25PM

Private Grant Dimitri Victor Sherman, one of the Federal Marines, was one of the soldiers to hold the rank and insignia of Private. He was seen guarding the Rodger Young.

But when arriving at Planet P, bug plasma begins damaging the Rodger Young, resulting the marines to move out. "Hurry up, Private Sherman! We're going to escape the Geronimo!" Yelled Private Vladimir Aleksander Makarov, one of Sherman's friends. "I am trying to, Makarov!" Replied Sherman.

However, when he was heading towards on of the Fleet Dropships, debris fell into them, cutting Sherman and his team off. Sherman, who was about to escape, noticed a drop pod. He gets into the drop pod, and launched it. Sherman then escaped as he saw the Rodger Young were cut in half and destroyed.

Private Sherman have been sleeping for almost two days in cold sleep, while waiting for extraction by the United Citizen Federation Mobile Infantry. Deep within arachnid territory, his drop pod crashed within an unknown forest, on an unknown-if-occupied planet. When he wakes up, he noticed he was being turned into an alicorn. He started to see his weapons, which they were in one piece.

He begins to see his surroundings, until he was still okay. "Ticonderoga, Ticonderoga, this is Savior Actual. I've crashed landed into an unknown-if-occupied territory and there's some tress here. I'm about to settle a camp here until you arrived." He said, but no response. "I repeat, i've crashed into an unknown-if-occupied planet and some tress here. I'll settle a camp here, did you hear me?" With no response he loses hope when his friends are now on the Fleet Battlestation Ticonderoga and he and his friends are cut off. The planet itself caused radio communication disruption.

"Great. I'm about to lose hope because of that damn debris, i better settle a camp here while these, these ugly planet disrupting radio communications." Sherman said, he then begins to find food by getting fresh apples for his food. He also gathered rocks and woods for the fire. He also noticed that his horn glows, making him the only federal marine to be in an alicorn form.

While it was before evening, he starts eating fresh apples, avoiding the ones which are rotten. He begins to drink water after he's done eating, then evening came, and he was soon forced to sleep.


While he was asleep, he hears some noises, making him to investigate the surrounding area. He also pulls out his flare gun for emergency, which supplies unlimited flares. He checks for hostiles, thinking he hears arachnids. When he finished the surrounding area, he begins to go back to sleep, only to see a hydra staring at him. Sherman starts screaming as his flare gun was dropped into the ground, firing fifteen flares into the air, then goes a loud boom loud enough for all to be attracted.

Mane Six perspective- 06:03:17PM

In Fluttershy's cottage, she was then asleep when she hears the booming sound of the flare and peaked at her window. She noticed the red flare, and noticed that it dies but leaves a trail.

In Cloudsdale, Rainbow Dash was seen asleep but hears the booming sound of the flare. The pegasi of Cloudsdale hears the flares booming and leaves the trails. Some begins to talk but Rainbow Dash, Spitfire, and Soaring are heading towards Ponyville.

In Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle's, Trixie's, Rarity's, and Pinkie Pie's sleep were being disturbed by the same flare. The citizens of Ponyville just heard what the booming sound and begins to talk, while Mayor Mare tells them to calm down but to no avail.

In the Apple Family Farm, the Apple Family were just asleep when they hear the booming sounds of flares, making them awaken. Applejack and Big Macintosh were talking while all were also talking. Applejack begins to go to Ponyville and what just happened.

In Canterlot, the Alicorn princesses and Shining Armor are fast asleep when they hear the booming sounds of the flares being launched. Queen Chrysalis and her minion saw the exploding flares when they are returning to their cave beneath Canterlot. Queen Chrysalis heads towards Ponyville where the citizens there were talking. One of the flares hits the Statue of Discord, which frees him.

In Ponyville, all were talking when they noticed the alicorn princesses Celestia, Luna, and Cadenza; Shining Armor, the Captain of the Guards; and Chrysalis, Queen of the Changelings. "Twilight Sparkle, why is all awaken by the flares?" Shining Armor asked her sister, which she replied, "I don't know, i just noticed a meteor heading towards the Everfree Forests and when we were fast asleep, we heard the booming sounds of those things. We should go see why are those being sent."

With everypony noticed that the booming sounds of the flares caused massive noises, Twilight and her friends begins to see what caused the flares being fired.

Everfree Forest, Equestria- 06:04:27PM

While arriving at the Everfree Forest, they saw the hydra attacking a cave. They didn't know why the hydra was being awaken but begins to attack them. However, they outsmarted it, causing it to retreat. They just scoured the area but noticed Sherman's drop pod, a Morita Rifle, and a flare rifle. When they investigated what the flare rifle was, however Trixie said, "Everypony, there's Fluttershy! We better see what happened to her!"

Twilight Sparkle was the first to speak but noticed an injured alicorn, who wears a United Citizen Federation Marine Corps outfit and he held the rank Private. "Fluttershy, what happened to him?" Trixie asked her but Fluttershy replied, "Well, when i was asleep, i heard a booming sound, and followed the trails. But when i arrived, i saw an alicorn shooting this "thing" at the hydra, then it strikes him there hard and i have to get him into the cave but the hydra then attacked us but we just taken shelter. But you all just arrived and when you made it run away, i noticed an eagle patch on his sleeves."

Everypony doesn't understand a word about an eagle patch but they noticed he's still in bad condition. When they were waiting for the royal guards and changelings, they hear somepony in agony, which it's Sherman. "Damn, creature.... fitting music..... What go else until my death came?...... That creature..... it makes me fight till the end...." Sherman murmured, however Twilight replied, "No it's not your end. We're waiting for the royal guards and the changelings to help us get to the Ponyville Hospital and---" Sherman cuts her off and said, "Ponyville Hospital? Shouldn't i die tonight?" He said, still shivering in pain.

"Just hold on there, you're going to made it." Trixie just said but he replied, "Not unless this blood i am at it is strawberry, i don't think i can made it.... Could you do me a favor?" Shining Armor said, "What is it?" He replied, "Find the seven dragon balls and... wish me back to life...." However, Twilight said, "Sir..."

Sherman replied, "Yeah yeah, i know.. just fighting myself out of fear's reach.... Just... laugh it... off...." However, the royal guards just came with the doctors, who begins to take him to the Hospital.

Ponyville Hospital, Equestria- 06:04:30PM

Twilight Sparkle begins to feel the pulse and said, "Everypony, he's not in good health. We must take him to the hospital." All then agreed, and then when they are heading towards the Hospital, all the nurses and doctors are still talking. Everypony tries to tell them to no avail, until Fluttershy gave them the Stare, making them freaked out and, she stopped, as Twilight Sparkle said, "Listen we got an injured alicorn here who wasn't from Equestria but came from another nation and--" Twilight was cut off by the nurses and doctors talking to each other, until Sherman fires his rifle, making all shocked. One minute later, the Doctor said, "He had suffered critical injuries - two broke wings, one or some of his legs badly hurt, his head receives injuries, and receives a heavy damage on his chest. You all have to see him."

He let them enter and noticed the soldier still in his outfit, refusing to remove his outfit but his helmet was on the table. Shining Armor asked him, "Okay, who are you and why are you doing here?" Sherman replied, "Grant Dimitri Victor Sherman, i was a Private of the United Citizen Federation Marine Corps. I was served in as a Federal Marine and *starts coughing* when the Rodger Young was hit by bug plasma, i got cut off from the rest of my team. I escaped while inside a drop pod, i saw the destruction of the Rodger Young. And when i arrived here, i was shocked to know if this planet was under arachnid control. While i was fast asleep, i heard the sounds of a mysterious creature, a three-headed creature. While attempting to shoot, that creature hits the trees, making me seriously injured.

The creature left as this, this pegasus just came, until the creature returns. While holding up in a cave, you all just arrived and make it run away, but i passed out, before i am to see you." All were shocked but doesn't know about the United Citizen Federation Marine Corps. "Now, i have to stand up." He struggles to stand up but still injured, the Doctor said to him, "Private Sherman, don't stand up. You're still injured." Sherman's injuries were still severely. When all came out, they were talking to each other about the United Citizen Federation Marine Corps. They were talking until Sherman came, sitting on a wheelchair. "What is this United Citizen Federation Marine Corps?" Twilight asked him but he replied, "The UCF Marine Corps was a small force of infantry troopers. They are all wearing the same equipment as the Mobile Infantry but the helmet was colored green, indicating ourselves as Marines, and the uniforms underneath was the same as Fleet jumpsuits. They are formed from every marine corps of Earth, and---" He was starting to cough. "And i was a Federal Marine there, part of Marine Force Savior. I have to start sleeping." He said, as his wheelchair moves towards his room.

Everypony were suspicious about his affiliation to the eagle force, Twilight asked him, "What is this eagle patch?" The latter replied, "That, is the flag of the United Citizen Federation. We are wearing Wehrmacht uniforms while Military Intelligence wears Gestapo and Schutzstaffel uniforms. Fleet uses the jumpsuits while we marines were those." Princess Celestia, who hears the words Gestapo, Schutzstaffel, and Wehrmacht, said "Did you say Gestapo, Schutzstaffel, and Wehrmacht?" The latter replied, "Of course, why?"

"Are you affiliated with the Neighzis?" Celestia asked him but he replied, "I'm a Nazi? No! I'm a UCF Marine, and i only a part of the United Citizen Federation. It's because of the UCF uses Wehrmacht, Gestapo, and Schutzstaffel uniforms." Celestia, who hears what he said, doesn't know. "It's because the UCF was a fascist-type government." He added. Celestia replied, "It's because, i was confused if you're part of Neighzi Germaneigh. We are in war with the Neighzis but we really thought you were---" She was cut off by Sherman, who said, "Wait! I heard sounds, possibly those "Neighzis" or arachnids are planning to attack us!" He begins to stand up, and with his rifles ready, head towards at the back of the Hospital.