Hi all,tell me what's your pony name?

You can check it by looking your first letter of your first and last name.

First Letter of your name::

A:Twillight B:Shinning C:Apple D:Dusk E:Rainbow F:Diamond G:Magic H:Rose I:Sunset J:Sweetie K:Butterfly L:Feather M:Cotton N:Beautiful O:Strawberry P:Moon Q:FairyR:Snuggle S:Candy T:Berry U:Mango V:Praire W:Galloping X:Meadow Y:Sandy Z:Melody

Last letter of your name:

A:Belle B:Song C:Trumpet D:Blossom E:Sparkle F:Pie G:Hapiness H:Worthy I:Buns J:Breeze K:Garden L:Luck M:Dash N:Fashion O:Gem P:Waves Q:Glitter R:Bloom S:Princess T:Wind U:Shine W:Moon X:Dance Y:Shimmer Z:Ribbon

P/S:Sorry about my last time mistake :P