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  • I live in Georgia
  • I was born on January 28
  • My occupation is Being Captain Obvious
  • I am a blackbelt in Jarate
  • ReiuziUtsuho

    Guys, I just realised how similar cats are to just about every drunk who appears on TV or in a movie. Seriously, I literally just spent an hour writing a list of similarities in terms of behavior. Here are a few of the highlights.

    • They come in two primary flavours: perpetually-foul-tempered and potentially murderous, or in a permanent state of extreme satisfaction
    • The mean ones tend to be physically and/or emotionally abusive
    • Earning the ire of the nicer ones is a painful way to die
    • When in large groups, they either get in a massive fight or start a massive party. It remains undetermined as to which of these two outcomes is more destructive
    • Attempts to use force to separate them from something tend to fend painfully
    • Attempts to use deception to le…
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  • ReiuziUtsuho

    So, I've been brooding on how the school systems use up so much land in the United States and how we keep having to build more due to population growth. I believe I may have come up with the basis for a solution. Note: This was all copy-pasted from my PM's in the Wiki Chat, where I discussed the idea with Jorge , so this isn't exactly going to be in neat paragraph-format. 

    • Instead of having all the students attend school at once, Have three 6.5-hours "shifts"
    • The first two, morning and afternoon, would be roughly the same size, and the night "shift" would be about 1/5 the size of the others
    • Paid night classes for those looking to get a GED, as well as driver's ed. This would help mitigate the costs of RUNNING the school system.
    • This way, you co…

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  • ReiuziUtsuho

    Go ahead and ask me some questions! I'll take ALL the questions ♪

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