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  • RespectthePixel35

    Well, this was originally not my idea, but here we have a hurt/heal game for ponies. I will include the most popular ponies, Mane 6 of course, popular background ponies such as Lyra and Derpy, villains, princesses, and others.

    1. You can vote once a day to hurt somepony and heal somepony. Each contestant will start with 8 health. For example, say "Hurt ???, heal ???." 

    2. You may not vote more than once a day.

    3. Don't get flankhurt because your favorite pony is dead or not on here. Either others don't like them, or they're just not popular enough.

    4. Last pony standing wins!

    UPDATE: Not updating health anymore. Please comment on CRYSTAL BLUE 100's blog.

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