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    March 10, 2015 by Revan74

    Hello, everypony! It's been a while, but fear not! This is not a goodbye.

    I simply wish to inform you that I have joined FIMFiction, and I am already writing stories (including Twilight's Shadow) on there. My username @ FIMFiction is "Revan".

    In addition, I wish to introduce to you two pictures. One is the cover art for "Twilight's Shadow", and the other one is the cover for a different (as yet unpublished) story, called "An Unexpected Occurance". Enjoy, and may the magic of friendship guide you!

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    For all those who like both Star Wars and MLP FIM, here are my ideas for ANOTHER galaxy far, far away...

    a) New universe, independent of both Star Wars and MLP FIM, but using vehicles, locations, characters, and history from both.

    b) All pony characters from MLP FIM are in human half-pony form.

    c) Only characters that were either unicorns and/or alicorns in MLP FIM can use the Force.

    d) All characters that were pegasi in MLP FIM have a natural aptitude for poiliting.

    e) List of Planets I have envisioned so far: Ponat, Canterlant, Crystion. (Lots more to come)

    f) Changlings as Clawdites

    g) Twilight Sparkle, a jedi Master (Class: Jedi Consular- Subclass Jedi Master), wields two green lightsabers.

    h) Rarity, a Jedi Knight, (Class: Jedi Consular) wiel…

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    Author's Note: This is the first chapter. I recommend that you read the prolouge first. Commenting, ideas, suggestions and questions are welcome.

    Spike awakened, yawning quietly. He laid there for a moment, quietly savoring the feeling of warmth that permeated his body. He sighed, and got out of the bed.

    Only then did he realize that Twilight was still asleep. He checked the window, and saw that the sun was already a quarter of the way across the sky. He frowned. Twilight should be up by now, Spike thought to himself. She's always awake before I am.

    Spike climbed onto Twilight's bed, and crawled towards her. He shook her. "Twilight?" It's time to be up and about." There was no response. He frowned again, starting to worry. He shook her again, ha…

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    Author's Note: This is the first part of a fanfic that I have been envisioning for a number of months. Please read and enjoy it-and don't be afraid to comment!

    It was the middle of the night in Ponyville- a night that seemed peaceful and ordinary, a night that, while cold, was crisp and clear, with not a cloud to obscure the light of the full moon. But this was not an ordinary night- for deep within the Evergreen Forest, something stirred from its slumber.

    It arose, and at first all that one could see- or would have seen, if anypony had been awake at that hour to see it-was a darkness, without definitive shape or form, hovering over the trees of the Evergreen Forest. However, in scarcely a moment, twin beacons of red ignited, and the shadow co…

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    Note: An article on Chromosomal Pair 33 was found in Twilight Sparkle’s library. This is a condensed, layponies’ version that everyone can understand.

    Chromosomes 65 and 66 are an oddity. The only genes that interact with magic, they also have sets of suppressor genes that control whether a pony is a Pegasi, Unicorn, or Earth Pony. They are three spoked when in normal operation, but, as one can only observe them during mitosis, the image below displays them in their doubled, 6 spoked form:

    Normally, the suppressor genes, at the “hub”, turn off two of the branches, only allowing one to be expressed (e.g. an Earth Pony’s suppressor genes turn off the Unicorn and Pegasi genes). However, with the correct spells, all suppressor genes can be TURNE…

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