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Spike awakened, yawning quietly. He laid there for a moment, quietly savoring the feeling of warmth that permeated his body. He sighed, and got out of the bed.

Only then did he realize that Twilight was still asleep. He checked the window, and saw that the sun was already a quarter of the way across the sky. He frowned. Twilight should be up by now, Spike thought to himself. She's always awake before I am.

Spike climbed onto Twilight's bed, and crawled towards her. He shook her. "Twilight?" It's time to be up and about." There was no response. He frowned again, starting to worry. He shook her again, harder this time. "Twilight?"

Suddenly, Twilight bolted upright in the bed, causing Spike to tumble off. He picked himself up, and said, "Well, your trusty dragon assistant actually got up before you this fine morn-"

Spike was cut off as Twilight's appearance registered on him. Something was very wrong. She shouldn't have gray eyes, nor had she had a black horn last night. And why was her cutie mark ringed in red?

"Twilight? What's happening to you?"

She answered, but her voice came in gasps. "I'm...not certain...Spike. But...send a Princess...Celestia...immediately!"

"Okay, I'm on it!" He grabbed a scroll and wrote down her condition hurriedly. He sent it via dragon-breath, and three minutes later he received a response. He opened it and handed it to Twilight. As she read it, her eyes widened, and she started hurriedly writing on another scroll. She handed it to Spike, and said, "Spike, follow...the directions here, but first...knock me out."

Spike's eyes widened. "But Twilight-" he began.

"This is no time for arguements, Spike! it!"

"Okay, okay! Just give me a second!" He grabbed the first thing that came to hand-the book Twilight had been reading last night- and whacked her hard across the head.

She slumped to the floor, clearly out of it. He grabbed the scroll, grimly certain that whatever was going on, it was not good. He opened it , and saw one sentence, which said:

"Take me to Canterlot and contact Princess Celestia."