Author's Note: This is the first part of a fanfic that I have been envisioning for a number of months. Please read and enjoy it-and don't be afraid to comment!

It was the middle of the night in Ponyville- a night that seemed peaceful and ordinary, a night that, while cold, was crisp and clear, with not a cloud to obscure the light of the full moon. But this was not an ordinary night- for deep within the Evergreen Forest, something stirred from its slumber.

It arose, and at first all that one could see- or would have seen, if anypony had been awake at that hour to see it-was a darkness, without definitive shape or form, hovering over the trees of the Evergreen Forest. However, in scarcely a moment, twin beacons of red ignited, and the shadow coalesed into a smoky outline of a pony, with the two blazing spots of red being where its eyes should have been.

The darkness looked up at the sky. It was a cunning creature, a being with no space in its mind for things as frail as emotions. It quickly came to the conclusion, based on the positions of the stars, that it had been ten thousand years since it had last awoken.

Although it did not have emotions, it did have a need, an ingrained drive to make more of its own kind. However, there were no others of its kind left- not that it would have mattered. For its kind had never created new ones in partnership, nor had its kind ever needed to do so.

But before a new one could be created, it needed to find a, for lack of a better word. The only kind of target, that it could...use, however, was an Alicorn pony- and, it quickly determined from the incredibly faint scents in the air, there was only one nearby.

No matter. One would do just as well as a thousand-probably better, in fact. It sprouted smoky black wings and a horn, and silently flew towards Ponyville- and Twilight Sparkle's castle.

It flew through the walls- after all it had no tangible body to speak of-and found itself in a bedroom, with a sleeping pony that- it quickly checked- had both horns and wings. It felt a sense of satisfaction, and quickly entered the pony's mind.

It found what it was searching for, and quietly broke down the barriers that contained it. Then it departed, flying back to the Evergreen Forest to sleep for ten thousand more years.

And the thing that it had unleased started to fester within Twilight Sparkle's mind...