For all those who like both Star Wars and MLP FIM, here are my ideas for ANOTHER galaxy far, far away...

a) New universe, independent of both Star Wars and MLP FIM, but using vehicles, locations, characters, and history from both.

b) All pony characters from MLP FIM are in human half-pony form.

c) Only characters that were either unicorns and/or alicorns in MLP FIM can use the Force.

d) All characters that were pegasi in MLP FIM have a natural aptitude for poiliting.

e) List of Planets I have envisioned so far: Ponat, Canterlant, Crystion. (Lots more to come)

f) Changlings as Clawdites

g) Twilight Sparkle, a jedi Master (Class: Jedi Consular- Subclass Jedi Master), wields two green lightsabers.

h) Rarity, a Jedi Knight, (Class: Jedi Consular) wields a blue lightsaber.

i) Rainbow Dash is a Mandoponian, with her own personal starfighter.

j) Princess Celestia is the Jedi Order's Grandmaster, and wields a yellow doubleblade.

That's all I'm posting-for now. Please feel free to comment, create and post drawings, and suggest new and additional ideas (yes, I will respond to the comments that are posted). May the power of the Force guide you!