I read an interesting review of the episode, Boast Busters. Would like to know everypony's thoughts:

Why I think The “Boast Busters” Episode is Horrible

What happens in the episode is a travelling magician (Trixie) arrives in Ponyville where she generally acts like a terrible show off and boasts about how amazing she is at magic. The idiot ponies then decide to test her by bringing a huge ghost bear into town so that Trixie can vanquish it, like she said she could. Long story short, she doesn't, Twilight then saves the day and Trixie runs off into the night.

Of course, it is actually Trixie's job to drum up support for her business, and that means a degree of exaggeration (not to say that's a good thing, but it's hardly unreasonable when you consider her ability to feed herself is on the line) to draw a crowd and make a living. So, she's not so much being a jackass, as much as she's just trying to earn some money.

And then the crowd try to one up her, why? If you don't like the show you are allowed to walk away. But no, that's not good enough, they have to prove they are just as good as a professional entertainer. Trixie's work relies on her credibility as a magician, so by trying to show her up they aren't actually cutting her ego down to size, they're trying to cost her money and ruin her business.

Then it all really goes to shit when the ghost bear shows up. Note how Trixie is spending the night, in a tiny little wooden box on wheels which earlier in the day served as the stage for her show. She lives in a shitty little cabin, that's all she can afford. And by the end of the episode, she doesn't even have that as the ghost bear smashes it to pieces. When she runs away, she takes nothing with her, it's clear she's left with nothing in the world.

And she has no way of getting anything back. Think about it, her career as a travelling magician relies entirely on her reputation as a great magician, which she no longer has now thanks to the ponies of Ponyville. Because it's not enough to not like a show, you have to fuck over the performer's whole life because they were trying to earn some money.

Get ready for an episode in season two where Trixie is begging on the street.


I for one find this HILARIOUS!--Reversalmushroom 10:32, June 20, 2012 (UTC)