Does anyone else get the impression that Celestia is grooming Twilight Sparkle to one day be the next ruler of Equestria? Whenever I think about how Celestia took time out of her busy schedule of ruling all life in Equestria to personally tutor a civilian (however gifted she may be), I can't help but doubt that she did so solely out of the goodness of her heart. And then there are these friendship reports. Now having talent, power, and intellect is good, but leading an entire race of people takes more than that; you must possess values. I think that these reports and sending Twilight to Ponyville are an attempt at instilling these values within her and at allowing her to gain much more life experience than she would have in Canterlot in order to mold her into a better leader, in addition to getting her the help that she needed. Maybe after 1OOO-plus years Celestia's finally ready to retire and she sees a replacement in Twilight Sparkle.