• Reverse456

    Boss mode

    September 9, 2014 by Reverse456

    This just came to mind but I need more ideas to make this work so I want to know how you would fight these enemies you can team up with another player I just want to know how you would crush first Boss List

    1.Gilda(I know some one wants revenge on this one) 2.Trixie 3.A Dragon 4.Shadowbolts 5.Nightmare moon I think I'll let people add more ideas to boss mode for who you team up with

    1.Twilight 2.Pinkie Pie 3.Rarity 4.Applejack 5.Fluttershy 6.Rainbow Dash (wow Rainbow you didn't get into the top 5 I though you were a winner.) 7.Spike 8.Any other user and there partner

    Again make sure to add ideals of what partners I should add.Now we can't have you fighting as a human pick a class

    1.Unicorn 2.Pegasus 3.Earth pony 4.Dragon 5.Bat …

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