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  • RiceWaffleFox

    I'm a bit late on this, but I'm gonna post a quick breakdown here of what I thought of every episode from Season 7, and where I personally put Season 7 (and its finale) on my personal list. Also the film, because it came out, too.

    Prepare for a wall of text.

    May I say, Season 7A ended in a terrible place. It should have ended with episode 12 or 13, both of which were infinitely better than Pinkie's Sub-par Yak Excursion (or whatever that episode was called). With that out of the way...

    1. The premiere had a crappy fakeout, and Discord was used in a bit of a dumb way, but I can honestly forgive both of those things. We got to see some neat scenarios, got a more humanized (ponyized? ponified?) view on Celestia, got some great emotions from Starlig…

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  • RiceWaffleFox

    Here's a list of stuff I want the show (and EG) to address before it ends. Give me a heads up if there's something I left off this list. I tried to be pretty thorough.

    Antagonists (reformed or not):

    1. Discord - Where did Discord come from? Why was Discord not around during the time of the original Hearth's Warming, and what caused him to rise to power? Are there other Draconequi? If not, why does he have a species name?
    2. Sombra - Who was he? A former student of Starswirl gone bad, perhaps? Did he die, or will he return eventually?
    3. Chrysalis and the Changelings - How did Chrysalis become the Queen? What's her baggage? How did the Changelings all become "unreformed" and gain their classic, black, withered appearance? Were they always like that, or n…

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  • RiceWaffleFox

    In Season 3 Episode 7, Wonderbolts Academy, Spitfire tells Rainbow Dash:

    "You're no wingpony, Rainbow Dash. You're a leader."

    This didn't mean much to me at the time, but upon reading the Wonderbolts Academy Handbook and rewatching the episode, this line took on a WHOLE NEW MEANING for me. From the handbook:

    "A LEADER is a pony with a high rank. A high rank has authority and control over a team's structure and function. A leader has a great deal of applicable experience and is knowledgeable on an assortment of relevant subjects."

    After this are descriptions of TEAM MEMBERS (Wonderbolts who left the reserves and become a part of the team) and CADETS (what Dash was before Firestreak retired). In other words, this line from Spitfire may be foreshadowin…

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  • RiceWaffleFox

    In Pinkie Apple Pie, it is said that Auntie Applesauce is the fourth cousin twice removed of a member of the Pie family. But who is it? I believe I can answer that question definitively, with science (er, more with logic and canon, but still)!

    Firstly, if Applesauce is their 4th cousin twice removed, that means Applesauce is two generations above them on the family tree (a fourth cousin to their grandparent). This means they'd be around the same age as AJ's parents (if AJ's parents were still alive, that is). This gives two rather obvious candidates: Pinkie's parents. Now this leaves two possibilities: either Igneous Rock Pie's mother was an Apple, or Cloudy Quartz was an Apple who married into the Pies. Given Cloudy's name, I find it unlikel…

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  • RiceWaffleFox

    As a complete and utter nerd with no life, one thing that has always puzzled me is the birth dates of the various ponies we've encountered in the show, especially the ones whose birthdays have been mentioned or shown in the show itself. However, today I have nailed down Twilight Sparkle's exact birthdate, using evidence from the show itself as well as from real life and Equestria Girls: Friendship Games.

    Taking a look at Twilight's calendar from the start of Friendship Games, we notice a few things. First of all, the current date (the day before the Friendship Games) is the 9th of an unknown month. Second, the month has a minimum of 30 days, as there is a birthday cake marking the 30th of that same month. And finally, we now know that Twilig…

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