In the first half of the two-parter, in the Journal of Friendship, the colored bookmarks are arranged in a way (and Twilight later backs up) that suggests the "key" episodes happened in the order:

  1. Leap of Faith
  2. It Ain't Easy Being Breezies
  3. Rarity Takes Manehattan
  4. Rainbow Falls
  5. Pinkie Pride

But then in part 2, at the end, the rainbow that shoots out from the castle passes by the secondary characters of the "key" episodes in broadcast order, or:

  1. Rarity Takes Manehattan
  2. Rainbow Falls
  3. Pinkie Pride
  4. It Ain't Easy Being Breezies
  5. Leap of Faith

So which is it? Did it happen in broadcast order? Or the order suggested by part 1? Alternatively, was Twilight mentioning the episodes from most recent to furthest in the past (what I thought when watching the episode for the first time), or the reverse order suggested by part 1? This is a bit confusing to me...

Which order do the episodes take place in?

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