A while back I made a post about three pretty great fanfics I came across. Since then I've read more fics, and dang I hit the jackpot in terms of quality! So here I have three more awesome fanfics to share. This time, we have a unifying theme: one of the mane six is secretly a changeling!

The Three Sisters (2012)

  • Focuses on an alternate ending to A Canterlot Wedding, in which Rarity is revealed to be a changeling. What follows is Rarity's interrogation as she tells the story of three changeling princesses and a young unicorn filly.
  • Very well-written and engaging story.
  • [LINK]

Who We Are (2012)

  • During one of Pinkie's parties, Twilight gets a letter from the princess that reveals one of the mane six is secretly a changeling.
  • While the story itself never quite gives away which of them is a changeling, several offhanded comments and word choices can reveal which one it is to a careful reader.
  • Warning: Contains a bit of Pinkie x Dashie shipping.
  • [LINK]

Winds of Change (2013-2014)

  • Rainbow Dash never expected Shining Armor and Cadence's spell to knock her back like it did to the changelings, but when it does, and Dash is revealed to be a changeling, her entire world gets flipped upside down.
  • I never cry at stories... I cried during this one, several times.
  • This is my favorite finished story, if not my current favorite of all time.
  • Warning: There is a small amount of gore described in the prologue, and this fic deals with some pretty heavy themes.
  • [LINK]