WARNING: Nobody is going to like this blog post because nobody ever likes when I make this kind of blog post.

When I first watched the opening minutes of "Amending Fences", I had to pause for a moment and think. According to Twilight, three princess events had happened in one week, which didn't click for me. Three? There were only two princess event episodes in the past three episodes! Then I realized what was up: the episodes didn't air in the right order for that quote to make sense. Prior to Amending Fences, there had been exactly three episodes focused on princess things: Make New Friends But Keep DiscordPrincess Spike, and Party Pooped. Those three episodes happened within the week leading up to Amending Fences.

However, I then had a different question. Could those episodes REALLY take place within a week? I decided to go back and watch the episodes to find out.

  1. In MNFBKD, Twilight is in Canterlot the day of the Gala, helping to set things up. This event takes up DAY ONE.
  2. In Princess Spike, Twilight has been awake for THREE DAYS straight preparing for the summit before finally getting some sleep. This goes from DAY TWO to DAY FIVE OR SIX.
  3. In Party Pooped, the party at the end of the episode is mentioned at the episode's start as happening "later that evening", meaning it takes place on DAY SIX OR SEVEN.

There we have it. One week of princess stuff. The attention to detail here is rather unexpected from a show like MLP (a show that accidentally put its "Winter is over" episode just before its "Fall is over" episode). I'm impressed.