I've been thinking lately about episode concepts I'd love to see explored during Season 7. Here are a few:

  1. During a trip to Canterlot, the Mane Six bring along the CMC. While the Mane Six deal with a Friendship Problem (perhaps in another episode), the CMC encounters Zesty Gourmand, and they help her with a Cutie Mark Problem (since she clearly wasn't doing the right thing with it in Spice Up Your Life).
  2. Scorpan returns and seeks reconciliation with his brother Tirek.
  3. During Nightmare Night, Fluttershy suddenly turns back into Flutterbat! This would be payoff for the cliffhanger at the end of Bats! showing that Fluttershy still had fangs, as well as payoff for the Flutterbat tease near the end of Scare Master.
  4. Celestia makes the wrong decision that leads to catastrophic results, sending her into a spiral of depression as she finally snaps and recounts the numerous times she has nearly let Equestria fall due to her poor choices and her failure to learn from her own mistakes, as well as realizing that she's never once said she's sorry for messing up, among other shortcomings. As Celestia's world comes crashing down around her (both literally and figuratively), it is only with the support and love of her friends and subjects that she comes to her senses and helps to right the wrongs she caused from her choices at the start of the episode.
  5. Chrysalis returns with an army of Changelings to get revenge on Starlight Glimmer and Thorax.
  6. Hearts and Hooves day returns! No plot in mind, I just want to see it again.
  7. Wind Rider, who had his status stripped thanks to Rarity and Rainbow Dash, and Lightning Dust, who was kicked out of the Academy thanks to Rainbow Dash, both return and team up to get revenge.
  8. An episode that gives further character development for Diamond Tiara and Silverspoon post-redemption.
  9. An episode focusing on Gabby trying to spread friendship in Griffonstone.
  10. Spike realizes that his crush on Rarity is a crush, and moves on. It's been like 4 years in-universe, Spike. Get over it. The infatuation period is over.
  11. An episode focusing on Starswirl the Bearded.
  12. Cutie Map Episodes!
    1. Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy
    2. Rainbow Dash and Applejack
    3. Twilight Sparkle and Rarity
  13. Since Snails got a supporting role in an earlier episode, perhaps Snips can get a non-negative supporting role too! I'd love to see these two de-flanderized (is that a term?).
  14. Discord and Trixie's episode!!! :D
  15. An episode focusing on the Changeling Kingdom and Thorax adjusting to the life of a king.
  16. Some episodes exploring more of Equestria! There are lots of places on the map we haven't seen in the show yet, so take your pick! I'd love to see any of them honestly.
  17. The Mane Six are summoned to the Crystal Empire when it turns out that bottling up Flurry Heart's immense levels magic at the end of The Crystalling - Part 2 was a bad idea. The episode would possibly play out similar to the first Fantastic Beasts movie with the Obscurus/Obscurial, with Flurry Heart's magic exploding outwards into a huge magical monster (but not killing her, that would be a bit much). Perhaps the title would be a pun on Fantastical Beasts and Where to Find Them?

I think that's all from me, I don't think I missed anything. What about you? What episode concepts would YOU like to see explored this season?