One thing I used to not be too keen on is fanfiction. But recently, I've decided to branch out, and oh wow, I've been missing out. Over the course of the last few months, I've only read like, between 5 and 10 fanfics, but I wanna talk about three specific ones that I read that jumped out at me as being high-quality fics that I think others should read.

Her Own Pony (2012-2014)

  • Focuses on a Pinkie clone from Too Many Pinkie Pies that escapes on accident and has her innocence completely shattered as she watches the other-hers die one by one.
  • Has the most wonderful first few chapters, but the middle and ending are lacking sadly. My guess is writer's fatigue started to set in after writing the first few masterpieces... I mean chapters.
  • Honestly I would re-read the entire fanfic if it meant re-reading the first 4-ish chapters again, because wow they are just that good.
  • The most disappointing part isn't the middle and ending being sub-par, but rather that Derpy is used in Act 1 and never reappears, not even for the final chapter. Truly a crime against Equestria.
  • [LINK]

Chaos and Laughter (2012)

  • Focuses on Pinkie Pie waking up as a Draconequus after Discord enters her dreams one night, and being unable to control her powers or speak English.
  • Almost feels like it could have been a two-parter from the show back then, though there are a couple more mature parts (such as a subplot about whether Gilda ate somepony or not, or the Mane Six thinking that the new Draconequus murdered Pinkie) that give it a different feel than the show.
  • While the writing isn't as good as the first few chapters of Her Own Pony, it's still really good writing.
  • Why have so few people read this fic???
  • [LINK]

First Pony View (2012-Present)

  • Focuses on a guy who wakes up in a parallel world as a female pony.
  • A more cerebral, psychological fic. The psychology is spot-on thanks to the writer's knowledge on the subject. Really well written.
  • This fic gets dark. Like, really dark. The main character legitimately tries to kill himself by lying in the road in front of oncoming traffic at one point.
  • Probably my favorite ongoing fic.
  • [LINK]