1. Rock Solid Friendship
    1. The funniest episode of the show I've seen in a long time!
    2. It's honestly a contender for my favorite "funny" episode.
  2. Celestial Advice
    1. Finally, more character for Celestia!!!
    2. Starlight deciding to stay was the most adorable thing ever.
    3. Competent Spike!
  3. All Bottled Up
    1. A bit on-the-nose with the metaphor, but I liked it.
    2. E S C A P E   R O O M ! ! !
    3. The song put them over-time and that's hilarious.
    4. Competent Spike!
  4. A Flurry of Emotions
    1. Flurry's intellect fluxuated a lot, that was a bit weird
    2. I loved the B plot.
    3. This could've been avoided if Spike did the thing with the kids and Twilight spent time with Flurry.
    4. Competent Spike!
  5. Fluttershy Leans In
    1. The most "average" of the first five episodes.
    2. A good moment to show Fluttershy's growth.