So, uh.

I'm a horrible person who does math for no reason.

Let's take a look at some of the stuff I've done!

A Pony By Any Other Size Would Be Just As Colorful

In Season 2's Hearthswarming episode, we see an 8-foot candy cane with two fillies for comparison next to it. From this, and by comparing the size of side-by-side ponies, we can come up with the following:

  • 2'09" Filly (CMC body type)
  • 4'00" Fully grown mare (Mane Six body type)
  • 4'09" Alicorn Twilight (without horn)
  • 4'11" Big Mac
  • 5'01" Alicorn Twilight (with horn)
  • 5'05" Luna and Cadence (without horn)
  • 5'10" Cadence (with horn)
  • 6'06" Luna (with horn)
  • 7'01" Celestia (without horn)
  • 9'00" Celestia (with horn)

How Fast is Fast Food? | The Speed of a Big Mac

In Hard to Say Anything, Big Mac is said to have walked the distance to Starlight's Village six times (three trips). From this, and a few basic measurements, we can gather:

  1. The trip likely takes, at maximum, one day.
  2. Big Mac is walking at 76 pixels per second (28 inches per second, when comparing his height).
  3. Big Mac walking at that pace in 24 hours means the distance to Starlight's village is likely 38.13 miles or less.
  4. Big Mac is hauling 6 barrels of regular sized apples, three fillies, and a cart with a cloth over it, plus a book and a couple other items.
  5. The barrels hold around 60 apples each based on size of apples, barrels, and visible apples on top.
  6. There are 20 lbs of apples, 270 lbs of fillies, and likely around 10 lbs of other material that Big Mac is hauling.
  7. Big Mac is hauling 300 lbs at a staggering 1.6 miles per hour (an average walking speed) for an extended period of time. Earth Pony hardiness indeed.

I'm Going off the Rails in a Friendship Train

How fast does the Friendship Express move?

  1. In Season 5 Episode 11, Pinkie is seen standing next to the Train for a few moments, showing us that the Train's large wheels have a diameter that is 70% Pinkie's height, or 33 inches (the exact height of the CMC, weird).
  2. We see the Train moving from the side in Season 5 Episode 1, where it moves 254 inches in 0.47 seconds.
  3. The Train moves at a staggering 30.7 miles per hour, or 1919% the speed of Big Mac's leisurely stroll to Starlight's village. If Big Mac took the train, he's get there nearly 20x faster!
  4. Assuming the maximum distance between Ponyville and Starlight's Village from earlier, the furthest point from Ponyville on the map is only 80.2 miles away or less.
  5. If there was a train ride straight from Ponyville to the furthest point on the Friendship Map, it would be a short journey only taking 2 hours and 37 minutes or less.