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Yes, I know, Season 9 is an entire 2 years away. But I wanted to share some thoughts I had tonight. Specifically, I think that Season 9 Episode 7 will be a Rainbow Dash Wonderbolts episode focusing on Rainbow Dash becoming a low-ranking Leader in the Wonderbolts, or, more specifically, becoming either Spitfire's Lieutenant, or becoming a Captain like Spitfire. For reference's sake, according to The Wonderbolts Academy Handbook, the Wonderbolts are separated into three groups:

  1. Cadets. These are low-ranking Wonderbolt, still in training at the Academy.
  2. Team Members. These are your average everyday Wonderbolts who have completed their education.
  3. Leaders. These are the ones in charge, and are divided into the following categories:
    1. General - A senior command position reserved for decorated veterans who have served proudly.
    2. Commander - A high-ranking senior officer who has led an elite squadron and served with distinction.
    3. Colonel - A high-ranking field officer who is responsible for commanding lower-ranking ponies.
    4. Admiral - A high-ranking officer who oversees the day-to-day operations of a pony platoon.
    5. Captain - Basically, what Spitfire is (this rank goes unmentioned when the Handbook lists off ranks).

Got that out of the way? Good. Let's move on, then.

Why do I think that S9E7 will play out this way? That's a very good question. Let's look back at Rainbow Dash's previous jumps in rank:

And that's all we have so far. However, there are two things I immediately noticed about the episode numbers where this happens. First, they're both Episode 7. Second, they're both Seasons divisible by three. It's likely that, during Seasons 7 and 8, we're going to see Rainbow Dash climb up the Wonderbolts Team Member ranks, and in Season 9 Episode 7, we'll get a payoff to that, with Rainbow Dash being promoted to a Leader, likely with a low rank such as Lieutenant.

As a bonus, the 200th episode will likely be Season 9 Episode 5, only two episodes before this! :D

Am I reading too much into this because I'm bored out of my mind?

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