FANMADE Daring Do full collection Read It and Weep

Twilight's full 16-book collection of Daring Do books from Read It and Weep.

Did you know? In the show, there is a minimum of 20 books in the Daring Do series! In Read It and Weep, Twilight is shown to have the "full collection" of 16 books, with the first book being the third from the left. Following this, Rainbow Dash gets an advance copy of Ring of Destiny, has a poster for Riddle of the Sphinx, is still in the middle of reading a new Daring Do book with Twilight at the start of Stranger Than Fan Fiction and gets involved in a not-yet-written Daring Do adventure during that same episode. This makes 16 when Rainbow begins reading the series, and at least 4 new ones since then, for a total of 20 books at minimum.