Since now I don't really care about this Wiki... I feel I should explain how I feel about some people.

  • Nitz X, Halo4Master, Ozuzanna, Tavi - You four have helped me though a lot over the time I was diagnosed with Depression. Thank you, You four. ^~^
  • Big-Macintosh - You've irked me to no end, But recently you've stopped and have been given me some space. That I respect.
  • AppleJon - You're a good friend and a great mod.
  • Embergale - Sometimes I wonder about your modding abilities, But quite often you are a great mod.
  • Jonny Manz - Chat needs ya.
  • Frohman - Our highyinks made me laugh, I do miss those times every so often.
  • Las, Cel - My Little Vault Hunters - Discord Days.

I've left out quite a few names for a few reasons which I don't want to disclose.

So yeah... Rift Cyra 25px-Masemblem2_by_brisineo-d5mmgkd.png Littlepip 04:02, March 11, 2013 (UTC)