Am I just but a passing glance?
A mute breeze? Just a faint whistle
Brushing against your ear?
Am I invisible?
What veil hides me?
What darkness cloaks me?
Let me be seen!

Am I just but a ghost?
Never seen, never heard?
Casted into oblivion?
I'm here! See me!
  I exist!
    I Have a voice!
let me be seen!

Will this voice be forgotten?
Will these words disappear?
Perhaps I'll fade away,
Let time wither me away
Like stone into sand,
Never missed,
Never to be seen

Don't know why I wrote this... Maybe because I feel invisible... And I don't want to complain about it, because its not that big of a deal right? I just feel like nobody listens to me. Am I supposed to complain about that? Whine? No what's the point, it's not like that's some sort of tragedy, just a mediocre sob-story, am I right? Didn't want to complain, and I didn't want to whine.

So instead, I wrote.