Hello, this is Gemmygod on my third account. I'd like to say I'm sorry about what I've done about editing the episode gallery captaions. The reason i did it was because I was just trying to have fun with them, that's all. I wasn't trying to harm anything. I understand if you didn't approve of my captaion edits. But here's something I think you should know that hopefully you'll understand as to why I carelessly edited the gallery captations and made a minor edit to the "Dragonshy" page: I didn't know about the wikia talk page function at that time, and I was completely unaware that I being sent messages to stop and give a reason for why I did do it, and my reason is, as mentioned before, I was trying to have fun while editing them. I'm sorry if I have caused any harm in the past and would like to start over. So please, can somebody unblock my 2 accounts "Gemmygod" and "Vintagecollectorthesecond"? I would greatly appreciate it. I promise not to do anything bad. And I'll edit pages with only GOOD edits (If I ever decide to edit another page, for I don't want to risk being kicked off this wikia again). I hope you all understand, and would be willing to give another chance. Thank you.

-Robottoy98 (Gemmygod)