Hello Everypony!!!

My Likeable Peptalk #1

Hi. I am so glad that I can freely talk about what I love the most in life, PONIES!!! I am always to shy or scared to show ponies to my friends, because they might see me different and we would be so different that we just stop being friends. I am glad that bronies are everywhere.

My Likeable Peptalk #2

I like MLP not just because of ponies ( but that is a factor :), but because we ( sometimes) learn good life lessons that are helpful to us. But since we may not see that, it might help us in the future! My parents think its weird that I like ponies. It's not really a surprise, because all parents would think that if a guy/ girl over 18 watches a kiddies show. But I still do it. I hope you enjoy what I post and do here on this wiki and on other things.