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  • I live in The Bird Cage (inside joke)
  • I was born on June 17
  • My occupation is Medicine Cat
  • I am wondering why in the world you are reading this. Move along, people!
  • Rowanfall

    Just a bit of speculation and headcanon. Some may have already thought of this, but I wanted to point it out just in case; Discord was reformed because Celestia wanted to use his magic for something. This was only a few episodes before, whaddya know, Twilight gets wings.

    For a moment, let's forget Cadance exists. In my headcanon, I think Discord was orginally good but turned evil, much like Luna. Perhaps he worked for the royals, or was the biggest ruler of Equestria. His magic is powerful and unlike others, and we know he can change the species of a pony as he made the enitre mane six earth ponies in his first episode. 

    Twilight, orginally a unicorn, was made an alicorn because she earned it by mastering magic. I saw once on My Little Brony…

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