this is rainbow dash. rainbow dash loves big adventures!

rainbow dash has the elment of loalthty. ' 

she loves big adventures! shes epic and awesome!

this is fluttershy
FANMADE Rainbow dash banner by zacatron94

rainbow dash

FANMADE Fluttershy banner by zacatron94


FANMADE Rarity banner by zacatron94


. fluttershy has the elment of kindness. 

she can talk to animals too! hes super nice and super shy.

her tail is super long!! and her hair.

this is rarity. rarity loves fashion. she hates ugly fashion.

she curls her hair every single day. she uses magic she is a unicorn.

she loves diamonds and anything faboulous! she designs fashion for famous ponies. this is twilight she is a alicorn. (which is a princess) 

she is a priness of friendship. she wears a crown. she loves books.

spike is her assiant.  apple jack. apple jack is strong and helpful.

she bucks apples. and eats apples. this is pinkie pie. 

she loves parties. shes actally a party pooper of your world.

pinkie s full of laughter.
Pinkie Pie Sombra timeline ID S5E25
Applejack with hoofsies S5E24

apple jack

Princess Twilight outstretches her wings S5 opening