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    In Memory of Iris.

    March 15, 2017 by SaiyaSasuskia

    "Girls who need relationships in order to keep themselves happy are just plain sad." 

    Princess Iris' final words. ^

    We had abruptly found out that This user had left the wiki... for good. 

    Because of this, we will be making a memoir (I want to anyway) please... take the time to see this. It's a real kick in the gut when a user suddenly leaves without any forewarning or notice. But it's even more surprising and downright saddening when it's a close friend. Iris. We have all had great memories with her... it's so unfair she had to leave. Not that we haven't endured a number of hardships in the past (which stressed me the hell out, too) but, all in all, chat is a great place. The worst part about her leaving is that, with chat already hanging by…

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