I havent read spoilers or anything so what I may say may or may not be true so sorry if it is...

I was wondering if we did see Applejack's parents, what do you think they're like?

I mean, I'm guessing they're probably the typical 'Western' characters where they're all too happy and cooky like Granny Smith. I fear that if there is an AJ episode about her parents, it might turn out like Family Appreciation Day where AJ is embarassed by her easily impressed, quirky, and overly happy parents. I mean, im all for happy and lighthearted episodes but it seems all too predicatable (and Rarity's parents are already like that) and honestly, that

OR they can take a different route. Maybe we (and maybe Applejack) will find out a dark secret on why the parents left or aren't with them. That could be a very revealing episode and maybe it'll show us why Applejack is who she is today.

However... one idea I can see happening is (that has been in many other shows) an episode where her parents return but hold high expectations of Applejack. Maybe they were expecting Applejack to be more than a farmer and wonder why she's wasting her life here. Or they're disappointed that Applejack didnt win enough blue ribbons (Last Roundup). Then Applejack would be lying to her parents to not disappoint them. As she lies more, the worse it gets and at the end she confesses the truth to her parents... oh wait, that already happened in 'Sweet and Elite'


Whatever AJ episode is in store for us, I really hope it surprises me. I would love to see Applejack lying for once and have it be hit home (personal). She has lied before, yeah, but it's really minor and it's for comedic purposes (Crystal Kingdom, Party of One). I kinda hope her parents aren't as 'Happy go lucky' as Rarity's parents but I dunno.