Hey Twi, sorry about what happened back there. I wanna apologize for the trolling and the deactivation of my account. Welp, I have been role-playing in a website called PonySquare, where my account is called Amethyst Star. I also played Papers, Please, it's a game. I just kept playing Papers Please because of that, ja?

Well, you should know about the errors I made, so I better use my laptop all week. Do you wanna know why I'm using the laptop? The Staff from Good Shepherd Christian Academy in Butuan were on a vacation in Manila as said by Pastor Jonie Brazileno or whoever the person is possibly the principal or the pastor. But don't try to uh.....reply to me that you, your sisters, your friends, and your family were really pissed of after the incident, and don't say that you, your friends, sisters, and family will be accusing me for what I just did.

I think I kinda set David off into an angry hatred. I think you, your friends, family, cousins, husband, and others will be mad and angry at me. So I just wanted to apologize for what I did. I hope you and all will forgive me. Or maybe not.

And also, I won't be RPing with you, as I am RPing in where I am RPing as. So I guess we're not friends, right? I heard you don't give second chances. And because of my mistakes and errors I found that you'll never forgive me. I am also thinking that you, alongside your family, your husband, your sisters, your friends and their family really hated me, right? You and they started to hate me, despise me, accuse me, and denouncing me for what I did, right?

I'm sorry for what I did a few months ago. I.....I have been blocked by David because I didn't meant that my death was fake, I didn't also meant to hate you all, despise you all, accuse you all, and denounced you all. Well, it appears that I won't be ever forgiven, right? You and they, alongside my friends would also started to hate me, despise me, accuse me, cursing me, insults me, and denouncing me for what I just did a few months ago.

I didn't meant to troll you, Twilight! I didn't mean it! I used that so that I can contact you're no longer my friend, alongside your sisters and friends who are no longer my friends.... Please Twilight, I don't want any of this happened again!

Okay? I wanted to send you a short apology for what I did! But I put the full apology here on this journal. Twilight, Je Suis Desole for what I did. I don't want any rivalries between you and your friends and me and my friends! Please Twilight! I just wanted to apologize.

Your Ex-Best-Friend-Forever and Ex-Roleplaying-Mate, Scarlet