I thought about it, and it seems as if many places outside of Equestria have more magic than, well, Equestria. Well, take a look at Terraria. *AHEM* The Party Girl, The Wizards quote, "someone told me friendship IS magic. Thats ridiculous! You cannot turn people into frogs with Friendship!" Now, that's just, maybe a coincidence. or is Terraria Equestria? It seems as if the day and night is paractically the same time as Equestrias day and night occur. I mean, take a look at the times when its day and night in Equestria and Terraria. Perhaps a magical being is making the day and night in Terraria? Lets take a look at equestrias day and night time, alongside Terrarias day and night time.

EQUESTRIAS DAY AND NIGHT: Day: 15 min. Night: 20 min. Pilot Night: 40 min. 

TERRARIAS DAY AND NIGHT: Day: 20 min. Night: 10 min. Crimson: varies time of Mid-Day, whilst Corruption: varies time of Night.

Well, everypony, Good Night, or have a Good Day.