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    Hello, sorry to bother you all again. It's just that I will do some question blogs every now or so. I'm wondering since the new episode called 'Pinkie Apple Pie' is coming, I want to Ask a question.

    Question 1: is pinkie related to the apple family?

    Question 2: how is pinkie related?

    Question 3: What makes you think Pinkie is related?

    Question 4: why would pinkie be related?

    I am not really sure since she has lived on a rock farm, not in Sweet Apple Acres. Maybe they helped sweet apple acres and maybe The apple family was related because they might of been neighbours or something??

    What do you think? Let me know.

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    A zebra cannot get a cutie mark. What made her get a cutie mark? Where is she from? How did Zecora get her cutie mark? Zebras can't get cutie marks. And why does Zecora wear those earrings, please answer all the questions.

    Question 1: what made her get a cutie mark?

    Question 2: where is she from?

    Question 3: how did Zecora get her cutie mark?

    Question 4: Why does Zecora wear those earrings?

    Ponyily regards,


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    Season 4 has come out in November, and the episodes are looking ok so far. Some of the episodes are looking excellent, adventurous, I would say it's the best season so far. But also season 3 is good because Twilight became an alicorn. What do you think about season 4? Be honest. We have all got different opinions.

    • Some people are saying that in season 4 there will be a male alicorn. Do you think that will be true? Because there was rumours twilight would become an alicorn/pegacorn and she did. There is also other rumours. Do you think these predictions/thoughts are true or false? (We will find out in the future, but what do you think, will it be true?)

    What adventures do you think the mane 6 will have so far? They went to an adventure to th…

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    Some bronies/pegasisters/fans(other) are thinking some things which have not been made yet could go in season 4. For example, a male pony/unicorn/pegasus turn into a male alicorn. Do you think those predictions would really happen?

    Like it was predicted twilight would become alicorn, and she did. Do you think these predictions will come true or won't?

    Also write what you think would happen in season 4, and if you think it will happen or NOT.

    23:48, December 31, 2013 (UTC)Scootaloo Cutie Mark Crusader (talk)

    Happy new year everyone

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  • Scootaloo Cutie Mark Crusader

    Hi, I'm new to this website.

    I will be in the 'live chat' some days.

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