While being a super fan may sound nice, it does bring complexity, chaos, and discord to ones life. As you know if you have read my first blog i am a fan of Applejack and Derpy. If you have been paying attention to the fandome, you have also noticed that Rainbowdash fans have been spreading from Cloudsdale to Canterlot. As a result, many people have been taking a dislike to Applejack. Now, just not mentioning Applejack would be tolerable, but exclaiming that you hate her and broadcasting all over the internet? Not cool! Also, a certain person posted a commment (i won't say who) on Rainbowdashes page calling Derpy a "wall eyed donkey"! It is from a few months ago, so it is very far down. Anyway, i hope that all the Applejack fans can muscle through this Applejack hating phase. Good luck! Thanks for reading!