Ever had a day when you can just feel discord laughing at you? One time after leaving dance I realized I had left the key to my locker (which had my non dance clothes in it) in the dance portable. Then I had to get the keys to the prtable from the teacher, and then I had to walk all the way there! When I finaly arrived and opened the door, I discovered the key was stuck! I then spent at least 20 minutes trying to get it unstuck, and when I finally did I had to find the key to my locker, then I saw that the door was open and locked, so I would have to unlock it, close it, and lock it again. Guess what? The key got stuck AGAIN! That time I had to wait for the next class to come, then I had to walk all the way back to the main building and get changed into my normal clothes. Then, as I am exiting the locker room, The mean gym teacher shows up and starts lecturing me! Only after several attempts was I able to get her to stop and listen to me, then I had to explain the whole story to her! After that I had to start a mad search for the good teacher so I could get a note, because by then I was VERY late to class, and after finding her I had to walk all the way to class.

So that's my frustrating story, what's your's?