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  • Sentrakk

    So now that the season is over, I had a little thinking on my favourites and least favourites of this season.

    1. Twilight's Kingdom 1&2

    2. Rarity Takes Manehattan

    3. Flight to the Finish

    4. Simple Ways

    5. Princess Twilight Sparkle

    6. Maud Pie

    7. Three's a Crowd

    8. It Ain't Easy Being Breezies

    9. Pinkie Pride

    10. Daring Don't

    11. Inspiration Manifestation

    12. Equestria Games

    13. Filli Vanilli

    14. Somepony To Watch Over Me

    15. For Whom Sweetie Belle Toils

    16. Trade Ya

    17. Twilight Time

    18. Leap of Faith

    19. Testing Testing 1, 2, 3

    20. Pinkie Apple Pie

    21. Rainbow Falls

    22. Bats!

    23.Power Ponies

    24. Castle Mane-ia

    Awesome Good Meh Terrible

    So, what's your rankings?

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  • Sentrakk

    Season 4 episode rankings

    February 10, 2014 by Sentrakk

    Now that we are halfway through the season... time to rank the episodes!

    1. Rarity Takes Manehattan

    2. Flight to the Finish

    3. Simple Ways

    (above three great episodes)

    4. Pinkie Pride

    5. Princess Twilight Sparkle

    6. Three's a Crowd

    7. Daring Don't

    (above four good episodes)

    8. Pinkie Apple Pie

    9. Rainbow Falls

    10. Bats!

    11. Power Ponies

    12. Castle Mane-ia

    (above five bad episodes...)

    So so, what do you guys think of the episodes so far?

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  • Sentrakk

    Offline for a while

    July 24, 2013 by Sentrakk

    Just to let you know, I will be away from 28th of July to 1st of August. I will be leaving to a soccer tournament in Estonia and I won´t be having internet connection there. The annoying thing about this is that now I have to wait another 200 days until I get the Element of Magic badge, the only badge I was looking forward to having. And I have an internet addiction. Let´s just see how that goes.

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  • Sentrakk

    Double Rainboom

    March 31, 2013 by Sentrakk

    It´s finally up:

    Now that I´ve finally seen it... I expected something utterly different. Can´t tell if I´m disappointed or not. This just gave me some mixed feelings.

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  • Sentrakk

    So who is your favourite and least favourite character of the mane 6? And also who do you think is the most overrated and who is the most underrated character?

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