So, i'm deciding to make some christmas gifts using a program that Fudgy told me about (can't say the name here, it's quite NSFW) and make some special little gifts for all my friends on the Chat. I'm starting off with three pics, and will be happy to do more.

So if you'd like your OC to be in one of these pics, just let me know in the comments below and i will see what i can do. I'll release the pics early as i'm probably gonna be really lazy when the school holidays coem around (6 weeks for that, so yay!)

Make sure you link me a pic of your OC with your comments!

And to you all a Merry Christmas!

EDIT: While i have said on my Profile that i'm not coming back to the Chat or here, i'm still gong to do these requests, as a final little gift. I'm gonna be on the Bronies Wiki, so i'm never far away if you need to talk to me. :)