Well, my computer's date tells me 31/10/2015, so it's Halloween time! And what a spooky time of year it is.

(And thus, here cometh the Spooky Scary Skeleton references, GIFs and memes XD)

So, where i am, it's past midnight here as i was writing this, so i'll be asleep by the time you're reading this.

So i always wondered what everyone's favorite Halloween moments are? Did you dress up as something cool one Halloween? Did you see someone else with a cool costume? Is there a character you wish you could dress up as, and why? When was a time you got loads of candy? Spookies house you ever been to? Got a surprising jumpscare? (I don't mean FNaF, i mean from someone when you where out Trick-Or-Treating.)

Whatever it may be, share your favorite Halloween moments that you've experienced in your life! I'd love to hear what awesome things happened in your life during this haunting day!

Like i have something to share: I saw this man who was out Trick-Or-Treating with his kids, and i tell ya', he looked like the best zombie i had ever seen!

A costume i would love to dress up in was either Waluigi or an SCP (Probably SCP-096 or SCP-049) but then again, Minecraft Steve would be an easy choice. Maybe next year, i'll have a costume ready, who knows? And if i do, i'll take a pic of me in it and show y'all!

So yeah, share any of your favorite Halloween experiences that have occured in your life here if you want to! And we can expect another Halloween episode of MLP (Which i will watch, btw) and FNaF 4 comes out with it's new content and Halloween edition of the game. Not a big FNaF fan, but even i have anticipated the arrival of this new stuff to the game, and it's finally around the corner.

So, night all, and hope you all have an amaingly spooky Halloween this year! See you all on Tuesday or Wendsday!

FANMADE Shadowgallade777 Wishes You All Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, everypony!