Well, why was i gone for 2 days? Well, there was this BIG storm, and long story short, the power to my local area was cut for 2 days. And some of the roads were flooded, too. So, yeah. No power = no wifi. ;( In that 2 days, i made some neat LEGO TF2 Items, like a Sentry Gun (Level 1, 2, 3 and Mini/Disposable), Engineer's Stock Wrench (the one he starts off with) and a jar of Jarate. and i am making a Teleporter, Dispenser, Bazaar Bargin, Stock Rocket Launcher, Shortstop, Enforcer and one of the Medi Guns. And maybe the Stock Flamethrower, too.

When the items are finished, i will put the dA Links on this Blog!

So, that's why i was gone, but now i am back! Let's just hope the power doesn't get cut again...

P.S I never knew the storm was coming. But hey, i didn't have to school! (yay)

Sunset getting more worried EG2

Oh god, Shad. That storm must've been pretty rough!