I love Horizonfudgy so much, she's the best girlfriend i could ever have! (Yeah, you might know that i say that everyday, but this time, i wanted to really show it.) I wanted to say more sweet, adorable thing about her, but i dcided to do it on a Blog, for i want all of this Wiki to know my deepest feelings for her.

(Also, tell Fudgy to see this Blog, if you can.)

Fudgy, you are like a beautiful red rose, you are so special to me. Whenever i hug you, i feel a wave of happiness wash over me.

You are the one person i have a very romantic bond with, and i will make it my goal to meet you in real life.

Our love is as strong as titanium chains. It can't be broken.

Whenever i see you on Chat, i feel the happiest i could be, and i can always hear the song "Do You Believe In Magic" playing.

You have a unique personality, that no other girl i would meet would have. If we had parted ways, i would never experience the most amazing happiness and love you give me everyday.

Your OC is as cute and adorable as you. I would go to Equestria,, find her, and snuggle her everyday.

I hope that our love stays strong, healthy and ever beautiful as it always has been.

When i began to develop feelings for you, i realized i had found my one true love.

Whenever you kiss me on Chat, fireworks of happiness go off in my mind.

So, as my Chat wife (and soon to be real life wife), i want you to know that i love you, and i hope i can continue to be the best husband for you.

(hug13) (kiss) For you, my sweetheart. You are my darling, my angel, my princess, my one and only Fudgey Pie. (heart)

I luv u forever and ever.


Shad, the Muffin Head/Goof.