I have decided yet again to do an MLP Birthday Game! This one is about romantic stuff, i guess. So, i wonder who is the lucky pony you'll get?


January: You & X got out to the Grand Galloping Gala.

Feburary: You take X out to the movies.

March: You and X share a passionate kiss.

April: You propose to X, and they say "YES!"

May: You send X a secret admirer letter, but they know it's you.

June: X screams out how much they love you... IN PUBLIC. O.O

July: X sends you a heart-shaped box of chocolates.

August: You wirte a poem about X, saying how much you love them.

September: You and X become the next official OTP.

October: X surpise hugs you out of nowhere!

November: You and X go out on a date to the Crystal Empire.

December: You and X snuggle on the couch together.


1. Queen Chrysalis

2. Braeburn

3. Rainbow Dash

4. Aria Blaze

5. Twilight Sparkle

6. Sonata Dusk

7. Pinkie Pie

8. Lyra Heartstrings

9. Derpy

10. Diamond Tiara

11. Applebloom

12. Applejack

13. Sweetie Belle

14. Miss Cheerile

15. Discord

16. Princess Celestia

17. Shining Armor

18. Fluttershy

19. Scootaloo

20. Doctor Whooves

21. Rarity

22. Silver Spoon

23. Princess Cadance

24. Princess Luna

25. Gilda

26. Bonbon

27. Trixie Lulamoon

28. Sunset Shimmer

29. Octavia

30. Adagio Dazzle

31. Prince Blueblood