Well, whaddya know. Seems liek the problems that i had mentioned have stopped happening, so looks like i'm back here for good! I've completely made a new Profile, with more easy-to-see Social Links if you wanna talk to me other ways! And a better Friends List is on there too! And i've even added a list of all the Nintendo amiibos i currently own! (incase any of you Smash Bros fanatics are curious :3)

And, my Talk Page has been reopened, so you don't need to message me on the Bronies Wiki anymore! You still can if you'd like to, but you don't need to anymore! (Make sure you leave your signature at the end of your message, please! Or leave your username at the end so i know who sent the message!)

Also, i'm gonna be getting Splatoon tomorrow! Hooray! Truth be told, i DO have a copy fo the game, but eh... it's preowned. And once i beat the Tutorial level, the game stopped working ;~;. So that's $68 i wasted...


I'm gonna refund this sucker and get my cash back, then i'll buy the game off the Eshop. So it'll always work, right? Right.

I'm always up for some Smash Bros U or Mario Kart 8! Do i have any takers/challengers?

All in all, i hope all you lovely people had an amazing Christmas, and happy holidays!