Hi guys! As the title says, i have finally done ALL my school exams for Year 11 and holdays are starting for me! Next term at school, i'll be doing my LAST year at school; Year 12! I'll even get a school jearsey that has my name on the front, and has what ever name i want on the back! I chose "ShadOfSwad" because why not? ("Horizongallade777" wouldn't fit, as we can only have a maximum of 12 letters on the back. ;~;) And i think i did really well on my Maths exam. I luv Maths a lot. ^^

So here we go! Early start to the holidays for me, and i'll be on Chat a lot more! So i can't wait to finally realx for as long as i want! Luv y'all! <3

Filly Twilight and Cadance hugging S2E25

And for everyone, i give you all a special HOLIDAY HUG! :D