Welcome to Shadow's Villain Reviews! This is an ongoing series where I review all the villains and antogonists of MLP: FiM in order of appearence.

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Note: Due to antogonists being different from the major villains, backstory and build-up will be replaced by character concept and entrance.

The first minor antogonist to appear in the series is Gilda the griffon
Gilda thumb S1E5
. Some people hate her, some people like her and some just don't care. What do I think of her? Let's find out!

Character concept

The overall concept of Gilda is that she's an old friend of Rainbow Dash, one of the main characters of the show. So off course Pinkie Pie wants to befriend her. But as it turns out, Gilda is not really that nice towards others. This concept is often used in movies and TV shows for much more mature audiences and it is often done in a much more straight-forward manner, so it's pleasantly surprising to see it used in a children's TV show in such a subtle manner. This eventually leads up to a very good friendship lesson (which is one of Griffon the Brush Off's saving craces).

Gilda Stare S1E5


From the get-go, it's easy to see that Gilda is a tough girl like her old friend. I mean, could you get any more obvious with her threatening glare accompanied by rock music? But I digress. She's also quick to display her flying abilities. We also get to know she's an old friend of Rainbow Dash from their days at Junior Speedsters flight camp (whatever that is). Other than that, there's not too much to Gilda's entrance and nothing too special.

Gilda is not amused S1E05


Now did Gilda do her job as an antogonist well? A little. Is she a good antogonist? Ehhh...

Now, it becomes pretty clear that she is a mean spirited antogonist judging by the way she treats everyone except Rainbow. And she does a decent job at it. Especially with her interactions with Pinkie Pie and her actions in the streets of Ponyville. But she's not really that interesting of a character, she's pretty straight forward and she's pretty much a stereotypical street bully. And the way she calls other people lame gets a bit tedious.

Voice Work

Marÿke Hendrikse. What to say about her voice work... She did her job well at least. Nothing really spectacular or outstandish about it. The voice she gave Gilda was alright. All in all, it was pretty average.


Gilda "never get that lame thing out of my head" S1E05
This is one of the better parts about her character, in my opinion. Gilda is a griffon. Half eagle, half lion (but not all awesome). MLP: FiM's take on griffon design is a pretty good one. Her color scheme is a bit unoriginal, but I guess it's only logical to use the classic griffon color scheme when you're going to introduce griffons.

Final Verdict (or tl:dr version)

  • Character concept: A rather neat twist on a classic formula. And it works so well with the show! 4/5
  • Entrance: It does give an idea of what Gilda's personality is and what her backstory is. Nothing spectacular, tough. 3/5
  • Execution: She does her job as an antogonist pretty well, but her character isn't really enjoyable and she is rather stereotypical. 2/5
  • Voice work: I've heard better from Marÿke Hendrikse, but at least she got the job done. Not too bad, but not that great. 3/5
  • Design: A cool design, but an unoriginal color scheme. 4/5

Final score:

5/10- She's not a bad antogonist, but not a good one either. Her character is pretty average and her antogonistic actions is not excactly Hall of Fame material. At least her design was cool and she did make way for a good friendship lesson. All in all, she's just a "Meh'!" antogonist. At least Season 2 had a much better griffon character! :D