No, i'm not talking about the president of Sugar Rush. I'm talking about those little (or big) hiccups wikia may have from time to time. Very often, the tend to be really weird.

So if you have experienced a weird wikia glitch, what kind of glitch was it?

I have two stories of my own;

- For quite some time ago, i once had a weird chat experience. I had switched my avatar into Rainbow Dash with Raiden's cyborg body from Metal Gear Rising: Revengance. I was in the chat for a while, when i suddenly dropped out. I tried multiple times to re-enter, but no luck. Eventually, i was able to succesfully re-enter chat, but i was all alone. Slowly, but surely everyone began to re-enter and as it turns out, everyone, not just me, was dropped out of the chat and had similar problems to re-enter.

- For not so long ago, i once re-logged in after commenting on the Equestria Girls 2 gallery page (because my blasted iPad had to drop me out of Safari, logging me out in the process), but something was off... My avatar was for some reason Trixie's human counterpart as she appeared in Equestria Girls 2! This is especially odd as i'm pretty negative towards Equestria Girls 2 and Trixie is one of my top 3 least favorite My Little Pony characters. Strangely enough, whenever i visited my profile my avatar would be back to being Ryu Hayabusa. Luckily, that glitch is long gone now.

I've also experienced a glitch that makes every emote look like the Heart emote.