So am I the only one who calls foul on the writer's claims that Starlight Glimmer isn't supposed to be the show's analoque to Sunset Shimmer (and also as of SDCC 2016, their new claim that there is still a chance we may see the human Sunset Shimmer)? This isn't really something that gets brought up very often from what I've seen, and I am actually rather surprised by that, because this is something that a lot of people really should be aware of, so they can be prepared for what might come. And, since I am no Silver Quill or Firebrand, this is really the best I can do:

Something I often try to point out to people is the sequence of events that the writers play off as unrelated, but just so happened to all occur right around the same timeframe. Like I said before, it seems that almost nobody else ever brings this up. I wonder how many others are even aware of this. Basically, this is what I have gathered: 

Last year in October, we got Equestria Girls 3: Friendship Games. What was apparent to a lot of people at the time was the surprising lack of ponies in the movie, with Princess Twilight only making a cameo in a post-credits stinger. However, a few months later, the DVD came out, and with it, several deleted scenes that reveal the movie's original, and VERY different, storyline:

According to the deleted scenes, the movie's original plot was rather different, with the main focus being about Sunset's desire to return home to Equestria. The arc with Human Twilight would've ended with her returning to Crystal Prep and befriending the Shadowbolts, while Sunset tells her friends that she has decided to stay with them in the human world, but wants to visit Princess Twilight in Equestria to tell her about her human counterpart. 

Something a lot of people immediately thought was that this original plotline was much better than what we ended up with. So, why then, was it changed? Well, I think I have figured it out:

Presumably around the same time that Friendship Game's script was being finished up, the script for the Season 5 finale was being worked on. Hasbro probably saw these two events and decided that, rather than having the next Equestria Girls centered around Sunset wanted to return to Equestria, MLP could just get their own counterpart to Sunset in the form of Starlight Glimmer who, as we know now, as taken on the same role that Sunset has in the show. By doing this, they can throw out that story arc for Sunset and keep her in the human world for the sake of making more movies. However, the fact that Princess Twilight keeps showing up in the Equestria Girls installments could've also potentially lead to some problems, so what did they do? They literally gave the human cast their own Twilight. 

By changing up the plot of the third movie, they were able to create a scenario which allows for 3 distinct things to happen:

-Equestria Girls no longer needs to rely on any characters from the main series

-Sunset stays in the human world and never expresses a desire to go home

-Starlight takes on the role of Sunser Shimmer in the main show to cover up the discarded plot

This means that we're probably never going to see more Twilight-Twilight interraction, Pony Sunset, or Human Starlight.

These 3 features could mean something very good, and something very bad:

Good: Equestria Girls no longer has to rely on plot-heavy stories; each movie from here on out can be a simple "use your magic to find the monster hiding amongst the humans to defeat it".

Bad: If this is true, then there is a big likelihood that all future installments will end up following this same, repetitive formula, with very little changes.

Is any of this bound to happen? No, it's all just a theory I have made based on what we have observed so far. In fact, I hope the later outcome of EQG is NOT true. But sadly, it really does feel like that where it is headed.

So, what do yall think? Does this make sense? Am I crazy? Constructive criticism is always welcome! I just want to play my part in getting this info out there, because I know how sensitive this fandom can be to change, and with this being a possibility, I feel they should at least be prepared.