Just as a forewarning, no one will be mentioned and what "side" you are on if the need arises. Everyone who knows what this blog is talking about will understand.

In the past several months, possibly even longer, a huge battle has been started between many users, both claiming that they are doing "what's best for the wiki", even though there probably were hidden intentions inside that. Each side believes that certain users are causing problems and by "ganging up" on those users, they can eventually get them gone from the wiki or stripped of their rights.

After a while, I got fed up with this and started trying to take it into my own hands and try and fix all the fighting. It obviously didn't work, considering that the fighting only increased.

Recently, I was informed by another admin that a mod was... You know, nevermind. It's already been discussed. Click here for the full discussion (It has since been archived, so don't edit it please).

Spitfire banging desk S3E7

I'm not on a side. Got it?

Due to my action explained in the forum above, I have been accused of "choosing sides" on this debate and I want to stop any rumors of this:

I'm not on a side.

I'm on my own side. I'm not being "used" by anyone nor do I have favorites. If a user is not doing something right, I will act on it, regardless if it's what someone else wants me to do or not.

Now, I will admit that I can be a little hasty in what I do. Sometimes I will not read things fully or I don't get all the facts before I act and I want to say I'm sorry if and when I have done that. I know of instances when this has happened and I will admit I was in the wrong. However, this doesn't mean I'm on a side.

At this point, I feel like I'm rambling, so I'll stop here. In case any of you weren't reading:

TL;DR: I'm not on a side. Don't put me into a debate I'm not a part of.