Hey everyone! Sorry for not doing much on this wiki anymore. Life and other circumstances have pretty much prevented me from doing anything recently on wikia and the internet in general. Know that I am still ok and doing fine.

Fluttershy blushing smile S2E22

See you there!

With that out of the way, if anyone is going to Fiesta Equestria this weekend in Houston, Texas, I will be there every day of the con and will probably be there most if not the entire time. If anyone wants to come see me, talk with me about anything, play with 3DS or just hang out, my badge will say Shadowdemon137 or you can look for the bearded brown long-haired Irish male with the cargo pants (I'm so good with descriptions).

If you think finding that is too difficult or you are too shy to look around, you can also leave a comment on this blog requesting a meetup. I hope everyone has a good day!