Ok, let's see if I can answer all the questions in one post, but first, let me explain the order of official sources we use on the wiki.

  • The show itself.
  • Hasbro, because they own the show and all copyrights, as well as starting the whole franchise.
  • The crew, because they work on and for the show.
  • The Hub and Hubworld, because they host the show.
  • Third party, reliable sources.

Now, with that in mind, let's answer some question.

That totally doesn't look like Lyra! Change it back!

Celestia and Fluttershy don't look like themselves either. It's too expensive to make several different molds for a pony, especially a background pony, so they reuse the main 6's models.

It's Lyra's twin! Lyra is still her name!

Well, first off, the basis of Lyra having a twin is purely fanbased, meaning it wouldn't work. Also, find another unicorn on the show that has the same color scheme and design as Heartstrings, and we will gladly change it back.

I wasn't talking about the toy. I was talking about the card! They look nothing alike!

The card is based off of the toy. The card is only there to tell you the name of the pony toy and to give a small bit of information about the pony. It's useless otherwise. While the colors and the model are very much different on the card, it wouldn't be the first time.

Well, even if they are wrong, then why are they still called Celestia and Fluttershy?

Because the show takes precedent over Hasbro. Roseluck is a toy made by Hasbro, but she's called Rose. Why? Because in episode 9, she is called Rose. Since she is called Rose in the show, she is officially called Rose by this wiki.

Then why is Berry Punch still called Berry Punch and not Berryshine?

Because Berryshine is a unicorn. Berryshine is an earth pony.

The toys have nothing to do with the show!

That's where you are severely wrong. The show was started back in 1984 to promote the toys and to get Hasbro more revenue. Many of the toys were characters in the show. Also, Cheerilee was named LONG before her name was actually mentioned because of her toy counterpart having the same coat, mane, eyes, sex, and a slightly different cutie mark. The only reason Cheerilee's name didn't get put into question was because it agreed with the fanbase.

Heartstrings name was never used in the show! That can't be her name!

Lyra is never mentioned in the show either. At this point, you defeated your question with your own answer. Rest assured, once a name is given on the show, that name will be used and kept, regardless of complaints.

Lyra was used in the show. Just listen at 16:40!

The context of what is happening puts the suggestion of the use "Lyra" into question.

The List of ponies has a bunch of fan names! Why don't we just delete those as well??

The list is used to showcase all of the ponies shown in the show. For names that are official, that box is filled. Now, what do we do with unnamed ponies? Leave the box blank? No. We use fan names through the use of community voting to fill that spot, until an official name comes to light (what we like to call placeholder names). Lyra's name has always been a fan name.

Why can't you add a section about Lyra in the Trivia section? Or something?

We have. Underneath the See also section is a link to the Fan Labor wiki, which deals with everything fanbased, as well as adding information regarding her t-shirt design underneath the Merchandise section. This wiki, however, deals with the show and information regarding the show. Lyra's previous name is entirely fanbased. Also, there are other wikis you can go to for the information.

If you can't add information, why not just make her name "Lyra Heartstrings"?

Because the name Lyra is fanbased and can't be used for any part of the name.

But Jayson Thiessen used her name in an interview! It has to be official!

If you are referring to this interview, he never did actually "refer" to her as Lyra. He had to ask Phoe and Tek which pony they were talking about. I did find this as well, saying that background ponies "were up to us".

Other crew members have mentioned the name as well!

Yes, they have. But Nayuki, a layout artist for the series, had this to say about it. Also, Hasbro takes precedence over the crew for holding copyrights to the show.

I don't like the name. Change it back!

Show and Hasbro takes precedent over the fanbase.

You suck!

I'm only following the wiki policies.
Also, to point something out. This doesn't mean you can't call her Lyra anymore. We are just going by the official information we have.

Hopefully I've answered all the questions. If I missed anything, I'll edit it into this comment.