This is probably the only blog I, shadowfox90, shall post on this account.

First off, I'm not telling fortunes nor am I predicting the outcome of your pokemon games. Instead, we shall use the words fortunately and unfortunately to sorta make out a story. Keep in mind that the messages should be related to pokemon or my little pony (confused? You'll see!). Don't continue the story by replying to other messages. Instead, continue the story by posting a message above it. (God, this is so frustrating. Go to bluelightning's fortune game blog. He/she does better at explaining it.)


If you didn't get what I ment it's something like this:

Say the subject was that ash has been challenged by his rival. This is what you could do: One user could say: Fortunately, all of ash's pokemon had an advantage to Gary's pokemon

Then another person could say: Unfortunately, three of ash's pokemon had fainted in a previous fight

Then another user could say:

Fortunately, Gary allowed ash to heal his pokemon

And it goes on like that


The topic is...

Rainbow dash and applejack was sucked into a portal and landed in the world of pokemon.