• Sharna1212

    Bats! review

    January 1, 2014 by Sharna1212

    hi this is my first blog post so tell me what you think

    so the episodes first impression was that it was just aj over reacting but then when we  saw the bats everything changed. once you met the vicous animals you didnt know how to react.

    i think the main message in this episode was a good one and an important one two, it teaches us not to agree with people just because most of them think what there doing is right. if u know its wrong then dont sucome to peer presure. this can happen to even the closest friends.

    the best part of the episode was when fluttershy turns in to flutterbat which was funny because you didnt see it coming.  its all because fluttershys stare at the bats and twilights spell got mixed togther turning flutter shy into a v…

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